Reservation policy

It important to note that : using our website or service , you therefore agree to all our terms that regulates the effective use of our service named Home Land Puppies. 

  1. Firstly, Reserved Puppies Will be Delivered to their respective families/owners same day. 
  2. Puppies are reserved with a deposit. Male Puppies require a deposit of at least $350 minimum and Female puppies reservation may vary between $500-$600.
  3. When the buyer makes a deposit, he/she will receive a deposit receipt through email or text or Fax immediately the deposit has been completed.
  4. A Dog Adoption Application Form will be sent to your email as well. You will be required to fill the form and attach your Driver’s License or State ID Card which must be sent to us within 2 hours after receiving the form.

  5. All Deposits will be cashed into breeders/owners account upon delivery of your pet/puppy.
  6. Finally, If the buyer has already made the deposit and later decides they do not want the puppy for any reason, we will  return the deposit. If however, the Breeder has another buyer in line that is interested in said puppy, resulting in a sale of the puppy within a reasonable amount of time from when the first buyer expresses their decision to decline the final sale, the Breeder will still return the deposit.