Understanding Your Pomsky Temperament & How to Deal With It?

pomsky tamperament

Pomsky tamperament .Pomsky or ‘Huskenarian’ is a crossbreed which you hardly predict its appearance. This is because some tends to resemble their Siberian rough parents nevertheless are smaller in size. A unique feature of your Pomsky is that it has a smaller head which is proportion to its body. It has those beautiful almond eyes that you will simply fall in love with. Just like those of Pomeranian’s, there may be either hazel or brown. An important distinguishing factor when it comes to this breed is that since it is a blend of two breeds, chances are that it will have traits of both its parents. This means that it temperament is different from that of other breeds and it requires more effort for you understand your Pomsky. One of the inherent character of the Pomsky is that it is energetic and intelligent.

It is also a social animal hence will not appreciate being indoors most of the time. More also, when it gets irritated, it might long for you to calm it down and simple tricks such as making funny noises may not help it. Pomsky temperament is similar to that of Pomeranian. They also learns fast hence can pick up bad habits easily. pomsky tamperament

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