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Home Land Puppies is a small breeder with big dreams. We want to make you a happy customer. We have one goal and that is to help you find your perfect puppy and make sure they get the best possible start in life.

Also, We offer several packages to suit different needs, from single-puppy homes to large breeders.

We also have a “try before you buy” program for those of you who are unsure about the breed or would like to meet our dogs in person before committing.

Moreover, We take great pride in our breeding program, which includes health testing for common diseases, as well as our early and ongoing socialization of puppies with people and other dogs.

Service & Guarantees

We offer lifetime customer service locally and internationally, as well as a 3-year guarantee on genetic problems, such as hip dysplasia, that can be transferred from the parents to offspring.

Your puppy will be ready to keep you company from the moment you get it, and it’ll grow up to be your perfect companion.

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Price is right

We want to make sure that you can afford your new furry friend without breaking the bank. That’s why we do all we can to keep prices as low as possible and still provide you with top quality!

Variety is key

We have one of the most diverse sets of breeds in the country – no matter what type of dog you’re looking for, we have it!

  • State Health Certificate
  • Pet Kennel & Travel Ticket
  • Shipping (All 50 States USA & Worldwide Delivery)
Reservation policy
  • Medical Bills Paid
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • Reputable Breeders
  • Pedigreed
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Mini Goldendoodles For Sale Near Me

If you love dogs, you’ll love Home Land Puppies. We offer the cutest puppies you may ever see, in many colors and sizes- from the mini goldendoodle to the top quality English bulldog.

Also, We have a wide selection of puppy breeds available, with more on the way! You don’t have to settle for one breed when you can choose from pugs, shih tzus, beagles, and so much more.

Moreover, Not only are we a reputable breeder with decades of experience, but our dogs come with a lifetime of support and collective knowledge to boot.


Choose from over 20 breeds of puppies! We have many different colors and sizes to choose from.

Affordable & Reliable

We pride ourselves on giving each and every customer a great experience. Our puppies are under $1,000 and come with icky worm prevention and a vet check up.

Furever Yours

Once you adopt a puppy from Home Land Puppies, it’s furever yours! No contracts or commitments necessary.

Cavoodle For Sale

Why choose a pet? Well, we do it all because to us, they make sense, from taking our own pets into daycare centers to providing shelter from hurricanes to giving us a reason to smile every time we see them. Plus the love and affection that animals give us make us feel like humans when we can’t just be alone, which is quite nice and comforting. So as an added bonus, animals are actually able to prevent many illnesses and diseases in their families and communities which keeps society strong and healthy.

Cavapoo Puppies For Sale

Puppies provide unconditional love and care and are great with kids and other pets (Cats), who both need bonding time together, especially during holidays year round. As I already mentioned, being an adopter can offer so much more than just food and shelter but also something else too. Not only does this allow someone to create a better bond between them and their pet, they also get to enjoy the friendship and joy that comes with living with someone else. Finally, owning a pet makes a lot of people happy.

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Pets can also provide comfort, and even some sort of therapy. And it’s not like you don’t have enough pets to deal with, since you’ll probably never know when your next pet will come. Plus, adopting your pets is simply more economical and easier to do than getting them in someone else’s home. So there you go! Get ready for all the best part.

Moreover, Pets can also provide comfort, and even some sort of therapy. And it’s not like you don’t have enough pets to deal with, since you’ll probably never know when your next pet will come.

in addition, if you’re interested in learning more about adoption process, it’s really simple as well.

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