puppy shipping

There are two easy and convenient ways to receive your new  puppy : Standard Puppy Shipping or Personal Puppy Hand Delivery.

  • Standard Puppy Shipping

If you live in the US, Canada, or Mexico, we can ship your puppy to most major airports. The fee is $300.00 (per puppy) in addition to the purchase. This fee includes air flight, travelling crate, and vet-issued health certificate and is not refundable under any circumstances.

  • Flying Your Puppy

We book each flight carefully choosing the shortest possible route between our kennel and your puppy’s newest home. 

We keep flight time to a minimum of only a few hours. Our preferred choice airline is United Airlines, who offer their award-winning animal traveling program called PetSafe. 

Delta Airlines offers something similar called Pet Travel. Our puppies are handled by USDA-approved personnel who ensure a well-kept and climate-controlled on-flight environment for each and every one of our puppies.

In accordance to the airlines guidelines, your puppy is required to have a vet-issued health certificate, which we obtain for you when you pay the shipping fee.

 Every traveling crate is made to fit your puppy comfortably. Your puppy will not have to slouch or be put in a funny position while it flies.

We  make sure our puppies are very comfortable and have everything needed during the flight such as food stuffs,playing toys,bowls,settling in blanket which will have siblings scent on it,playing toys,brush and a care Manual book which will really help you out with the type of food they eat and other useful information.

Also, note that the puppy will be traveling alongside with one of our team member during the flight so the puppy is not traveling alone.We try to do our very best to give the puppy a very safe and comfortable flight home! 

picking your puppy from airport

  • A day prior to the flight you will receive an email confirmation with all of the flight details. It will contain the exact location of where to pick up your puppy from the airport nearest to your home. Please be on time and have a valid license, along with the confirmation number provided to you in the email.
  • From the airport take your puppy straight home. Do not give your new puppy any vaccines within the first 14 days of arrival.
  • Your new puppy is all up to date on shots before living  and will not need a vaccine for at least weeks. Many Vets will attempt to issue a vaccine so that they can make additional money.
  • Do not get any vaccine on your first Vet visit as the puppy will need time to adjust and you do not need any additional stress on him/her…
  • Nevertheless, when you receive your puppy, it is necessary to go for a Vet check in not less than 48 hours after you received your puppy for general check-up and in case of any health problems, we will be responsible for either giving you a new puppy or refund your payment if no other puppy is available at the moment or you are not interested in buying from us anymore…  

Hand delivery of your puppy

This feature comes extra to air shipping. For added security and peace of mind. One of our agent will escort your puppy from the kennel to the airport! And then wait with your puppy there until they find you!The cost for personal puppy hand delivery from kennel to airport is $600 for one puppy and $1100 for two  puppies.We usually book the flights for each puppy 1-3 days from time of purchase.